Sustainable Streaming! Let's reduce CO2

Hi all,

I really love the ability to stream Qobuz with Audirvana. But my ecological heart is always a bit bleeding. Streaming costs CO2! In the case where I stream again and again the same files this is not nice. In the Qobuz App you can download files to play offline - that should be also possible in Audirvana.
I guess this is not allowed by Qobuz - but I would also write that to them - in terms of environmental health, this is really needed. We should’t just waste energy and generate traffic to stream several times the same content…

Hello @sebabe, we would love to let you be able to download your Qobuz and Tidal in Audirvana. Unfortunately due to Tidal/Qobuz policy we are not able to do such thing. This is probably due to copyright with majors.