Sustainable Streaming! Let's reduce CO2

Hi all,

I really love the ability to stream Qobuz with Audirvana. But my ecological heart is always a bit bleeding. Streaming costs CO2! In the case where I stream again and again the same files this is not nice. In the Qobuz App you can download files to play offline - that should be also possible in Audirvana.
I guess this is not allowed by Qobuz - but I would also write that to them - in terms of environmental health, this is really needed. We should’t just waste energy and generate traffic to stream several times the same content…

Hello @sebabe, we would love to let you be able to download your Qobuz and Tidal in Audirvana. Unfortunately due to Tidal/Qobuz policy we are not able to do such thing. This is probably due to copyright with majors.

Damien, How come Roon can do it?

Roon does not do that either. Adding a Qobuz album to your library in Roon, does not mean that you download the music. Roon simply adds a link in your library, but it does not download the music files to your computer. So the next time you ‘play from your library’ in Roon you are still streaming your Qobuz tracks from Qobuz’s servers.

The only way you can get your Qobuz files to your own local hard disk is to buy the track or album from Qobuz. In all other cases there is no way that Qobuz will allow or approve downloading files to your computer.

Interesting topic - perhaps this link will be helpful :

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So we are gonna start with eco-activism in this audiophile forum as welll? A tiny bit more CO2 (yes, a trace gas) is good for the world and not the opposite, particularly once this short post-LIA warm period ends. And our forests have never been greener, thanks to the same trace gas.

In any case, I hope we can stick to audiophile themes; not politics.


Or, even better, if you don’t like a topic, you don’t participate ! :smiley:

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Or, even better better, we can set a date and time adjusting for time zones and date lines so we can all fart in sync :unamused:


I wonder how much CO2 this thread has emitted.