Switching from Mac to PC

I am studio mixing and mastering engineer and long time Audirvana user.
I have been using it on Mac for many years, but I’ve just switched to PC. Can I transfer my licence for PC (I wiil be no longer using mac) or buy PC version? There was such offer for me around 03.2020 but I do not have windows computer at this time.

I do not need and do not want to own or subscribe Audirvana studio .

You’re out of luck. At the moment, the only option is Audirvana Studio subscription. The good news is the subscription is cross platform.

but I just want to transfer my licence to audirvana 3.5 from my old MAC to PC because I would not use my mac anymore.
I deautorise my old computer. Is it really a problem?
Should I say goodbye to my beloved Audirvana?

I do not need studio. I am against any audio streaming platform and against any form of subscription. The was an offer for me to buy PC licence for 3.5 and I just want to buy it.

  • I am studio pro and I used Audirvana to play my 3TB Music Drive.


This is where you would need to plead your case

iOS is for the iPhone, not for the Mac.
He has a macOS license, and he wants to transfer it to a Windows license.

That’s what I was told , I read his post again and he was aware of the new system. I wonder if it’s allowed for him to trade with a pc licensee ?

Bit late to the game I assume now

You are most likely out of luck. I had to buy a seperate license for my Windows laptop next to my Mac for Audirvana 3.5. And this program is no longer for sale.

So I fear either.
A. Stick with Audirvana on your Mac.
B. Go with Audirvana Studio
C. Look for a different music player for Windows. There are plenty of them.

Good luck :smiley:

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