Synchronisation problem with Synology NAS


I’m using Audirvana 3.5 on Mac Mini for years, but some month ago, i had some problem with synchronisation with my Synology NAS.
The re-Scan is fixed at each Audirvana restart. My Mac Mini is also restarting every day (scheduled) and relaunch automatically Audirvana.
Then, when I add some albums on the NAS, I should see them at least one day after (scheduled restart) but this is no more the case, at least not always.
I find a trick: on the MAc finder, I point one song of the new album and click on it to open it in Audirvana. then Audirvana palys the song but add also the album in library. It works but not really fun.
I made also some investigations: When a song is already in the Audirvana library, I can do a file name change into Mac Finder, and it’s directly update into the Audirvana library (song properties).

note also that my NAS Synology share content with Mac Mini through SMB. And SMB protocol is starting from Version 1 (require to communicate with a Zapitti player).

Can you help me?

Do you think it’s linked to some special character into song file names? As #, or ’ or é ??

That’s the problem, to fix it you need to set minimum SMB level to 2.

Thanks for your rapid answer.

I’m obliged to keep SMB at min 1 to guarantee communication with ZAppiti Reader.

So Can I force me Mac Mini to avoid SMB 1 ? by a Command ?

I see also that it’s possible to Mount Nas directory by AFP on the Mac Mini. With Audirvana library can I point such kind of Mounted directory?


Not aware of it. Had this issue when I upgraded to Monterey, if I’m not mistaken. Just set the min SMB level 2 and the issue was solved. Googled for 2min.

Hello Again,

I found a way to force Mac Mini to communicate only by smb version 2 or 3. But it doesn’t change the library update behavior.

Yesterday, I installed audirvana studio ( coming from version 3.5), and let audirvana made the conversion of my library. No change
Then I forced Audirvana Studio to create new library (saving old library in other directory), and here I have the problem that the library construction is stopped at roughly 30% (5000 files added on ~15000 files on my NAS).

I’m a little bit lost, now

Maybe there are folders with special punctuation characters?

So reading some post, I will try:

  • Disable Recycle Bin from my NAS directory
  • Search for special character in Folder name, as “:” or “-”.
    >> Also in track name ? or Metadata ?
  • May be check if cover artwork size is not too big
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Or accented chars, as in some languages. French is a good example.

Hello again,

It takes me a while but finally it works.
Main issue was that some cover artwork attached to FLAC files was too big (>1 or 2Mb). By using MusicBrain PICARD, I checked and modified if necessary all tracks of my library (~20k files).

It took opportinutiy also to replace (per batch) some File or Folder special character.

NOW, it seems to run perfectly

BITRACER, thanks for your help

I have had similar problems as Audirvana 2.2 won‘t import my music library on my Synology at all. I found the character „&“ being the culprit for this.
After changing this the import was flawless.

Interesting that other special characters like german umlauts or accents were no problems at all. I think the developer missed to escape such characters…
But indeed there have to be a reason for future updates :wink:

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