Synchronisation with Astell & Kern Players

Hi there!
I have a dream…

I want to synchronize my two Astell & Kern Players with Audirvana!
In the best case like I sync my old iPod with iTunes.

Until now I’d used iTunes and spend a lot of time to convert my FLAC in the lossless m4a files.
After this I used a Software called Dapper to sync the iTunes library with the SD Card of my Astell & Kern Players.

Unfortunately iTunes does not share the XML file after switching to Catalina.

So I’m searching to any alternative - hopefully Audirvana can do this on any way!

I will be totally happy for any idea / answer!

Thanks a lot to all and tae care

All the best


That’s my dream too. While dreaming check out the TuneFusion:

Thanks a lot for your answer!

I have macOS Catalina and TuneFUSION only runs on bad Windows…

I think, this will not be an alternative…

Hello @dacato, you want to use the file in your A&K in Audirvana and use your DAP to play your music or you only want to see the files stored in your A&K in Audirvana?

I want to synchronize the content from my Audirvana to the Astell&Kern Player, like playlists and so on.
In the past I did it with iTunes and my iPods and now I’m searching for a FLAC Alternative!

Thanks for your help!

The playlists created in Audirvana are stored in Audirvana database but you can export them to be able to use it in your A&K.

You can try with M3Unify:

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