Synchronization with iTunes library: album artist sorting

I consistently use the album artist sort name in iTunes to sort albums. Album artists are sorted by their last name (e.g. BYRNE David), rather than by their first name.
After synchronisation of my iTunes library to Audirvana, I notice that some album artists were sorted the same way as in iTunes, whereas others were sorted by their first name.
I don’t see a systematic approach.
This is annoying, as I have a large iTunes library.
Can anyone explain how this is possible?

Hello @PatrickKe,

Can you take a look at the “sort as” metadata in iTunes of the track that are not correctly sorted in Audirvana? Are they sorted as they should?

Hello Damien,

here’s two examples:

  • iTunes Album Artist: Idris Ackamoor. Sort As: Ackamoor

  • Audirvana library Artist: Idris Ackamoor. Sort As: Ackamoor

  • iTunes Album Artist: Bill Laswell. Sort As: Laswell

  • Audirvana library Artist: Bill Laswell. Sort As: Bill Laswell

So, sometimes the sorting looks identical as in iTunes, sometimes it is not.

When you change the sort as metadata of the artist in Audirvana, does it is changed for all of the tracks for this artist?

Yes, that works, Damien. Thanks.

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