Synchronize on demand

Every time Audirvana 3.5 start, synchronization takes place with (external) HD,’s containing music. That takes a great deal of time.On the HD’s nothing has been added since the last time Audirvana has been opened, so rescanning was not necessary. What I want: only a rescan of a HD when I ask for it.

Hello @Syrinx, which method are you using to get access to your library? If its the first one you have a button bellow the list of synchronized folder you can disable so Audirvana don’t scan your files at each start of it :wink:

Hi Damien,
Thank you.
I am using the first option : i have added several HDD containing music files for synchronising. Audirvana has done her work perfectly. After that i didn’t add anything to these HDD’s, so Audirvana doesn’t need to synch these HDD’s every time with a fresh restart. The Rescan option in the preferences i have diasabled.