Syncing cannot load fully

The library is not fully loaded. Harddisk and iTunes loading albums. I deleted it several times. I uploaded again. It crawls every time.

Hello @Cem, does the folder FLAC is also used in iTunes for example or any other app?

hi, flac harddisk installed. laptop installed iTunes. I was able to use it this way before.

@Cem Audirvana scan the folder if their is a change in it, like a software that have access to the file or metadata that are being changed, are you sure nothing is using the files in D:\FLAC?

Loading. It crawls every time. installation does not end.

Can you check your database using the three commands in the Maintenance section of the preferences page?

I checked maintenance, rebuild, defragment.

Have you tried loading your music by batch instead of one big folder?

Could It be a bad file somewhere or protected ones ?

Delete all four folders in preferences window like your picture. Close audirvana, restart pc just for fun. Put the Flac folder and sync. If good, close audirvana. Open audirvana and add DSD folder and sync… and see where it bugs

I was able to use it this way before. there was no problem. Experience the way you say one.

greetings failed in flac file. 50 days 1 hour file. how do i find a faulty file.

mine is setup like this… A… Groups…Albums…Flac files
So easy to put one letter each time and sync that letter in Audirvana…
then finding group inside that letter… then album…then the file :slight_smile:

Teşekkür ederim. Deneyeceğim.

thank you. I will try

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