Synology NAS synchronisation

synchronise rien du tout ! branché mon NAS en direct sur le Mac mini, ça prend des heures et rien ne se passe . Suis sans doute un peu neuneu mais certainement pas un geek , je voudrais juste ecouter ma musique . Respectueusement

Make sure you have the necessary access rights to the folder where the music is stored on the NAS.

i checked this of course

Which NAS do you use? I’m also using a NAS to store my files and it works flawlessly.

i am using a NAS synology 115J

I’m also using Synology. Have you enabled the guest user? Are you using AFP or SMB/CIFS? What access rights does your account have on the share where the music is stored? You can check that on the NAS.

i have connected it directly on the mac mini through ethernet RJ45 , i am just opening it with my codes and that’s it . i use it as a hard drive. with previous version had no problem .

It’s very atypical setup. Could also be a networking issue.

Why don’t you try to connect the NAS to the network and access it that way?

Thanks for your help anyways , appreciate . maybe will figure it out someday

I also found problem with Sinology NAS DS218 unable to reconnect when I reboot PC

Debug mode shown OFFLINE