SysOptimizer Error: (CFErrorDomainLaunchd error 2.)

Hi, I’m evaluating the trial version of Audirvana Origin, but when I turn on the SysOptimizer in preferences, I get this error:
SysOptimizer Error: (Error = The operation couldn’t be completed. (CFErrorDomainLaunchd error 2.)

This happens after I enter my password to install the System Helper.

Any ideas on how to fix?


Hi @seed_pod,

Are you using the latest version of MacOS Ventura?

Hi @Antoine , I am running on an older Intel Mac at its highest OS version Big Sur 11.7.7.

One way to get rid of those errors with SysOptimizer, that happens from time to time, is to reboot the MAC.
Not sure it will work on your side, but it’s worth a try.
At least it works on my side, still on Catalina… (If it ain’t broken, don’t try to fix it).

Hi @patifr, thanks for this idea. Alas, I rebooted, but the same error persists.
I wonder if my OS version is somehow corrupted?

Sorry for that. Rebooting is sometimes a good solution, or at least it’s the easiest and first thing to do.
It seems, but I’m not an expert on this, that the error message is coming from problems with access rights to some system folders.
That is at least what this Web page suggests: System problems can lead to a failure to install CCC's helper tool | Carbon Copy Cloner | Bombich Software
I’m not sure that applying the procedure listed on that page will solve the problem, but you can still have a look.
In the meantime you can use Audirvana without the System Optimizer (You can deactivate it in the options).

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@patifr you are fantastic! This fixed my problem; the system helper now installs without problem. No more errors.

Thank you very much.

You are welcome!
Now you can enjoy the music with Audirvana!

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