Systematic AS database corruption!

English version :
MacOS 12.3.1 , AS 1.12.2, local albums on a Synology NAS
Suddenly, usually after a Mac reboot, AS detects a disk change of my local albums, when this is not the case. AS then displays a panel which asks if one wishes to use this new disc. If we answer in the affirmative, then AS launches a synchronization and at the end of this synchronization the tracks of certain albums are doubled. As AS is used more and more tracks are doubled: the AS database is more and more corrupted.
This is the 5th time this has happened (also on earlier versions of MacOS and AS), the only solution is to rebuild the database while waiting for a new database corruption: I am waiting for a correction from Audirvana support .
PS: I use AS but I imagine the problem is similar with Origin

Version française :
MacOS 12.3.1 , AS 1.12.2, albums locaux sur un NAS Synology
Soudainement, en général après un reboot Mac, AS détecte un changement de disque de mes albums locaux, alors que ce n’est pas le cas. AS présente alors un panel qui demande si l’on souhaite utiliser ce nouveau disque. Si on répond par l’affirmative, alors AS lance une synchronisation et à la fin de cette synchronisation les pistes de certains albums sont doublées. Au fur et à mesure de l’utilisation d’ AS de plus en plus de pistes sont doublées : la base de données AS est de plus en plus corrompue.
C’est la 5eme fois que cela se produit (également sur des versions antérieures de MacOS et AS) , la seule solution est la reconstruction de la base de données en attendant une nouvelle corruption de la base : j’attends une correction du support Audirvana.
PS : J’utilise AS mais j’imagine que le problème est similaire avec Origin

Are you using AFP or CIFS/SMB? Did you switch to SMB level 2 on Sinology?

Using SMB , configured on Synology with :
Protocole SMB Max : SMB3
Protocole SMB Min: SMB2

Set the transport encryption mode to “auto”.

I also use Sinology with Audirvana on MacOS. Never had this issue. For some reason, it recognises it as new share over and over again. No clue as to exactly why.

Did you save the remote share credentials in the keychain? Is it mounting it automatically when you start the system?

Try also to disable “Durable SMB handles”.

The transport encryption is deactivated on my Mac as suggested by Synology Knowledge database to improve transport performance (in /etc/hosts) so the “auto” mode is not displayed as a proposal in the pull down menu of Synology.

I do not use Mac keychain.

Yes, the mount is automatic when I start the system (in System Preferences/ Users & Groups)

I cannot disable “Durable SMB handles” because this deactivates Bonjour SMB for timeMachine (I use the NAS also to backup my MAC with timeMachine)

To be clear it seems there are 2 problems to solve:
1-Announcement of a disk change when this is not the case. This problem may be the responsibility of Apple (which provides bad information) and Audivarna does not have enough information to restore (in this case displaying a panel to ask the user if he changed disk as currently done is valid)
2-Doubling the tracks when the user has indicated that he has not changed disk. Audirvana should not give 2 different paths to point to the same track in this case as it does. This is at least this problem that Audirvana should correct.

Problem corrected with AS . Thanks

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