Tagging to achieve correct order of album artists in local files

In albums with multiple album artists (FLAC files with multiple ALBUMARTIST tags), the order in which the album artists are displayed in does not align with the order of the tags in my files. It is instead sorted alphabetically.

Album: Her Loss by Drake and 21 Savage
Drake first as both ARTIST and ALBUMARTIST, 21 Savage second

Meanwhile Audirvana sorts the artists alphabetically, resulting in:

A similar problem arises in the Artist field in Audirvana, where the order also doesn’t align with my tags:

Is there a way to resolve this? Do the files need to tagged in a different way?
I have many such albums, so a way to fix this in bulk would be appreciated.

Thank you for any help

Hi @vdvdvdvd,

Which tag editor is this?

it’s Mp3tag @Antoine

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I checked on my side with Audirvāna and it seems artists are sorted alphabetically. I will need to check this with Damien about it.

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Yes, that’s what’s happening. Other music players (for Windows), such as foobar2000 and MusicBee, respect the order of my tags.

Same files in foobar2000:

Hi @vdvdvdvd,

I checked with him and this is due to the database of Audirvāna which need to sort the items in the table. Unfortunately changing this require a lot of work and we do not plan to do this for the moment.

Looks to me like the order is correct. In fact, Audirvana is showing the track listing and artist per track exactly as it appears on the album. What’s the issue?