Test Audirvana - RME ADI2-Pro FS

Find below test report for the RME ADI2-PRO FS


  • RME ADI2 Pro FS Firmware: Version 174 DSP86 (Latest Firmware available on RME Web Site as of today)

  • ADI2-PRO FS Settings: nothing special, Clock Source is set to: INT - Source set to: AUTO

  • Laptop: MSIGP62-2QD Leopard (i5-4210H - 12GB RAM) - OS: Windows 10 Pro Build 1803

  • Driver: ASIO MADIFace USB (last version available on the Web Site)

  • Link: USB Interface

I reused the procedure described in the thread “Beta 3.1 download, test procedure” (when applicable for a direct USB Connection): Pause, resume playback, Seek to middle of the track, Seek to end of the track…

AUDIO Files:
3 series of tests was done with different access types:

  • A SMB Drive mapping a Synology DS-916+ volume. In order to easily test multiple file formats, I used the HDTracks 2013 Sampler (John Adams Academy - A Place In the Choir): MP3 @ 44.1 KHz - 320.kbps / FLAC 16 bits - 44.1 KHz / FLAC 24 bits - 88.2 KHz / FLAC 24 bits - 176.4 KHz / FLAC 24 bits - 352.8 KHz / DSD64 / DSD128

  • Streaming from QOBUZ. I used a specific Qobuz Playlist called “Playlist Spéciale HI-RES SUBLIME+” that provides a good mix of common sample rates on 24bits: 88.2 / 48 / 96 / 44.1 KHz

  • RME Bit Perfect Test via USB (RME Provides Stereo WAV Files embedding Test Patterns to check the playback path) - The 04/27/2017 Test Files (Latest Available on RME Web Site) were played


  • TEST OK For Qobuz Playlist streamed directly from Qobuz: Playlist Qobuz Hi-Res Sublime+ (Misc. Sample Rates coded on 24 bits ): OK (the RME Displays the correct Sample Rate every time) and no problem when transitioning from one file to another. Actions like Seeking in the middle / end / Pause / Play… behave correctly.

  • TEST PARTIALLY OK For HD Tracks 2013 Sample Read from SMB drive on my internal network: everything works fine except when Audirvana is moving from DSD64 to DSD128: the DSD128 is not played correctly (it is played but very very slowly!). The error occurs both when the DSD64 finishes and Audirvana moves to the DSD128 or when I click on Next when playing the DSD64. When I stop the playback of the DSD128 (click on “Stop”), re-select the DSD128 and launch playback, the DSD128 is correctly played back this time.

  • TEST OK for the RME Bit Perfect Test


  • When going to the properties of the MADIFace driver from Audirvana, all the Frequencies that the ADI2Pro can decode are correctly retrieved and Displayed by Audirvana: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8, 384, 705.6 and 768 kHz

  • Beyond the tests related linked to the DAC, I am very impressed by the dual Search Engine Library + Qobuz, capabality to add favorites in Qobuz (it works faster and it is more stable than the Qobuz App!).

If there is any specific test you want me to pass or specific log you want me to retrieve, tell me…

Super Travail pour une béta! Bravo.