Testing Audirvana 3.5

For a Dutch printed magazine I am reviewing the new Audirvana 3.5. I have installed the programme on a MacMini I5, 16GB RAM, with the latest software updates. I am using the Project Stream Box network player. I encounter some problems:
1/ Music Services Qobuz and Tidal will only play only 30 seconds. After that the connection has been skipped
2/ Playing music from my QNAP NAS results sometimes in skipping a track (on DSD track) or starting not immediately.
How come

Hi boling48,

Sorry for the inconvenience, could you try to do those actions below?

  1. This looks like an issue with the streaming accounts. Can you check if you can play more than 30s (this is the demo/free sample playable time) with TIDAL or Qobuz web players?
  2. How long does such a track takes to start? Are such from DSF, DSDIFF, or SACD-ISO files?
    If such a skipped file is copied to the internal drive, is it playing, and quickly starting?

Feel free to share your result with us, this will help us to better understand your issue.


Hi Damien,

1/ I can Play all the content including my favourites on Qobuz and Tidal with no problem on Roon and the Project mediaplayer.

2/ Starting a DSD/dsf file from my NAS delivers al lot of noise for 20 seconds after that no problem, although Audirvana is skipping the following track.

Best regards

Bert Oling

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Hi Bert,
Can you send me in PM or email a copy of the text of the Debug Info?
You can get it by using the “Debug Info” command in the Audirvana menu.


I give it a try but as a newby I can only put 2 links in a post.

Changed to a Mytek dac connected by USB with the MacMini. Till now all is playing wel including the musicservices like Qobuz. How come?

Hi Bert,

Regarding the Pro-ject Streamer, I had a similar feedback from a customer last year, but he ended switching to another system and we didn’t get to the bottom of it. The issues on the Pro-Ject appeared last year - including with Roon initially - after an update.
I know our implementation of the UPNP/DLNA protocol is 100% compliant with the standard because I coded it myself. This makes Audirvana robust and compatible with most hardware players on the market (Remember this protocol is installed on 6 billions certified devices worldwide).
So I can only assume there has been a change in their DLNA implementation.
We are aware that most brands don’t develop their software themselves and that various third parties are involved. So in order to help, we work with those third parties to avoid these situations, and we make our best effort to mitigate when possible those implementation issues. I recently made a workaround in Audirvana for PS audio or Cambridge systems for instance.
But some manufacturers are not covered. We plan to start a « Audirvana compatibility check » program in the coming months which will help cover situations like this one.


Thank you for your reply. Although I myself encountered no problems with the Pro-ject Stream Box combi, I had the same compatibility problems with the Lindemann Limetree Bridge I reviewed lately. So I decided to use the dedicated usb audio port on my MacMini and made a connection with a Mytek dac. All went well including the musicservices. The SQ is outstanding…Best Regards Bert Oling - HiFiVideoTest

For the record there was an software

update of the Pro-ject. After the update process all went well. The only glitch I encounter is noise and distortion after starting a DSD file.