Testing Questions

– So you have the grouping field that I can use to link together classical tracks into a complete work. Is there any other link track method? Or any way to simplify the process of creating groupings?

– Having set up groupings, is there a way to shuffle by group? (E.g., play a playlist of classical music that is randomly shuffled by work instead of track?)

– Is there a way to output to more than one audio device? The dropdown in Preferences/Audio System only allows a single choice. Would make Audirvana + a very nice multi-room server.

– Related question: your DNLA capability seems to extend only to UPnP music players, but not to other computers. Would like to be able to play the music on a Mac in one room on another Mac in another room. Since Apple doesn’t support DLNA/UPnP, the player software needs to enable this.

– Can smart playlists be duplicated? Would make it easier to create variations of smart lists with complex criteria.

– Smart playlists would be enhanced if there were “does not contain” options in all relevant categories.