Thank you so much for 1.8.7 and the new "Magic Switch"

@Damien @Antoine

My deepest thanks for built in new switch to opt-out that musicbrainz analysis. Now my Audirvana is perfect for me.


Like others here I am thankful for the new toggle allowing an opt-out from MusicBrainz “interference”.

Sadly, it means that all affected will have to rebuild their database from scratch as opting out does not suppress already messed up metadata present in the database.

On my attempt at rebuilding the database, it seems that Ausirvana Studio still engages in its lengthy “audio fingerprinting”, despite the MusicBrainz service being deactivated in the settings.
I am wondering why this should be the case…


Also thanks for the new toggle.

But I noticed the same as @Grwfsywash. I am on Windows 11.
Two days ago I deleted the AS *.sqlite database from my disk.

I started AS.
I opted out both options:

Also I defined a new directory D:\ for my local music library.

Scanning\Syncing D:\ took 5 to 6 hours (which is normal for my music library, because it is large). Now (2 days later) AS is still ‘Analyzing audio files…’. I must admit, AS has not been on for those full two days, but yesterday it was powered on for 4 hours and today for 6 hours.
I do not understand why AS has to analyse the audio files at all, since it has no need to do so.

Edit: On day three. Still analyzing audio files. @Antoine could you explain why still analyzing audio files for a couple of days when all the toggles are turned off?

I also can see in the Windows Task Manager that Audirvana is very busy:

Normally AS is around 10% cpu time on my i5 processor when just playing audio.

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Same here…

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