The Android remote has this issue but not in the iOS remote

When I am in the iOS version of the remote app and switch among Home, Search, Favorites & Settings, when I switch back to one of these four views, whatever I was viewing under that view last time I was there is preserved. Say I search for Beatles Abby Road under Search | Tidal and then switch to Home, and get into Home | Local | album XZY, then switch to Favorite to open playlist ABC, then got to Settings to change the playback device. I then switch, back to Home, I would be in local album XYZ. If I switch to Favorite, I will be in playlist ABC and so on. The views are reset only if I exit the remote app and re-open it.
This does not work in the Android remote. Every time I switch view and back, I lost whatever I was looking at in that view and had to navigate or search all over again.

This has been a major annoyance to a point I no longer use Audirvana and switch to Roon. But I have UPnP renderers and really need Audrivana. I thought this was a universal problem with the remote app until I borrowed an i-device and realized this is an issue only with the Android version. If Dev team sees this, please fix this issue. Or if this is the wrong venue, how do I open a support request ticket for a fix?

I am running Audirvana 3.5.44, Android remote (v1.2.6). iOS remote tested (v2.3).

Hello @catbb,

We understand your concern about the Remote and you are not alone for this specific part of remembering where you’ve been in the Remote. We need to improve it and we are working on it but it will take time as we have a lot of work to do on the Remote.


Thanks for your quick reply!

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