The best most cost-effective Win10 Mini-PC ?

Hi guys, I’d like some help from Audirvana Windows users.

I am wondering if there is a very cost effective Windows 10 mini-PC that can run Audirvana reliably. An install and forget unit that I can attach to an external 2 channel power amp. I know there are many such boxes but I want reliability and cost effectiveness.

The is what I found:-

Is there else out there that is more cost-effective, I don’t need the extra bells and whistles. Just want to run Audirvana and play music that is stored internally on the mini-pc hard drive. Will use the remote mobile app to control Audirvana.

Built-in ethernet or WiFi may be advantageous in the future in case I decide to subscribe to TIDAL.

Has anyone out there managed to do this reliably and cost-effectively ?

Hi Sam!
Nothing to hold against it, good choice I think. It even has W10 pro :open_mouth: This I think is important. Here in good ol’ Europe many cheap laptops, notebooks, tablets come with reduced versions of Win. If you want to use the remote app, well buy a mac mini and use Audirvana for Mac :smiling_imp:

The brand is unknown to me, I wanted to remain in W-world, so I bought a refurbished business laptop from Lenovo. If I had found a similar offer to these, maybe I would have bought it. Maybe you are already thinking about an app to control the mini- pc :question:


Hi BB - I think the best bet is to look for a used Mac Mini

Hi Sam!
Good idea. It’s not necessary to use the latest model, an older one will do. But look for as much RAM as possible.
What about the hi-fi system? You’re using a power amp and a DAC with preamp I guess?
Best regards