The Case of the Disappearing Search Results Queue

In Audirvana Studio, 1.7.2, if I perform a search under an artist’s name, it brings up a sub-menu that doesn’t always include all that artist’s albums. However, above that is a command: “See All”. But when I click on that, the whole list disappears, and the pane goes blank. It’s only been happening since I upgraded to Monterey, so thought it was worth mentioning.

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We shall put Inspector Antoine Clouseau on the case immediately, Did you see which way it went ?
Just when my setup with Monterey and Studio is working quite well, Good catch !

c’est magnifique! It was cunningly disguised as a blank space where a whole bunch of album cover icons used to be… but no reliable witnesses, sorry.

Dave , I copied your text from the first post and sent it to
I think they are working on some search text issues but we will make sure they know

Good day

Hello @Dave_Hansford,

This issue will be fixed on the next update of Studio.

Thanks Antoine!

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