The delayed remote launch is not good customer service

I say that because they left some users in limbo without access to any remote. I was using Audirvana 3.5 on the free trial and when that ended a few days ago I had no alternative to buy 3.5 so I could continue to use the remote. Instead I’m stuck with Audirvana Studio (which seems cool) and a remote app on my phone that is useless.

I’ll give it few more days but without some info on when the Studio remote is coming I’ll probably switch to Roon. Also with Apple Music’s new lossless tier Audirvana, Tidal, Qobuz, and others, will see some heavy competition especially if Apple provides iPhone remote capability.

Bottom line is that I was not impressed with how this transition to Audirvana Studio was handled especially the lack of info provided and a loop-hole where users like me have no access to a remote now and no solid info on when it will be released.

Audirvana needs to take better of their customers. There’s a reason Amazon has been successful practicing a philosophy of “customer obsession”. Audirvana rushed the Studio release before other important repercussions were considered or they just didn’t care.


You are right. Thats the ground i switch to Roon. Roon sounds better with my Yamaha dac and the remote works fine. Sorry for Audirvana. Its verry fresh design
And may be it works exzellent with high end components but it seems not so good for me - a normal hifi user.


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