The left tabs in the main window (Library, Favorites, Playlists): what's the use, really?


Been thinking at A+ interface for a while and I do wonder if there is any real interest in keeping the left columns with the tabs I mentioned in the topic. Personally, I’d prefer to have my playlists displayed in the main window among the albums. In fact, I’d use the top menu to locate the sorting tabs (Tracks, Albums, Artists, as it is in the current version, and a small bunch of default filters (Playlists, Favorites, Streaming, and customized filters). Sorting tabs could stay to the left and the filters pushed to the right. In this way, all files (and streams and playlists) could get displayed at the same time in the main window. Just click the filter if you want to focus on your Favorites or your Playlists, for instance. Might make for a still sleeker interface !

Best !

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