The mysteries of the Sync process

That’s something pretty weird from the user point of view, and something hard to figure out from the SW design point of view.
I had 6152 albums in my library. I added 10 by copying and pasting files to a synced directory. That made a total of 6160. Up to this point, all seemed quite normal.
I added 2 new albums to another directory and in an eye blink, all of a sudden, I saw the total number of albums dropping to … 5300!!
Quite interesting, isn’t it?
This morning, a little bit pissed off by such a behaviour, I restarted a full sync of the network volume. I saw the total number of albums back to 6160 (After I removed the 2 albums added in the second step above).
Then, I added the 2 albums and, … the total number felt to 5300, again.

To be noted that I have two directories whose names differ by the case of the first character. I will try to change the names to see if this could cause of confusion…

OK, I think the problem is with that bloody SMB thing from MS…
I had 2 directories named “chanson” and “Chanson” and inside another directory named 'Audio2" on my MAS.
Up to now everything seemed to work like a charm (more or less…) and all of a sudden, those two separated directories appeared to be “merged” or mixed up into a single one.
So, I don’t want to fight with those implementations by MS (too much to teach I guess). I renamed those directories 'chanson" and “chanson2” and now i’m back in business :wink: