The new Remote App

Hello, has anyone tested the new remote app that was announced? Are there any photos of the app?
I’m looking forward to the app.
Many greetings

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I started testing the app yesterday, and while I’m unable to post any photos at the moment it looks very promising. I’m using the Android App and so far so good. There’s a few bugs, but I’m sure they will be worked out. I’m a beta tester right now, so I’m not sure how long until the app’s official launch. But, to say the least, I’m loving FINALLY having remote-control from my Android device to Audirvana since I’m not a Apple user :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m testing the beta version too but for some unknown reason, my PC is not detected. How is your network working?

Thanks - it’s good to hear a little feedback about the new remote :slightly_smiling_face:
Is it possible to edit metadata? (genre, for example)

(I’m using the iOS version, but presume they’ll have the same or similar functionally).

Luke :pray:

Is this public yet ?