The price is not right

Am I the only one who has noticed that the “Existing Customer” conditions offered to UK purchasers are less advantageous than for purchasers in USD and Euros?

Let me explain:
Full price: $119.99 or €119.99 or £99.99
Existing Customers prices: $89.99 (-25%) or €89.99 (-25%) or £79.99 (-20%)

Should it not be £74.99 instead?

Could @Antoine kindly explain this disparity?

Hello @Grwfsywash, thank you for bringing this to our attention :+1:

This is a mistake made when we setup the price in our merchant of record, we will change this today so you have £74.99 as the correct price as existing customer.

Edit: it should be good now :wink:

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Dear @Antoine,
Thank you for this display of french Égalité :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

I am an existing customer with Audirvana 3.5, which I am happy with on my 2013 iMac.
I would now like to buy an Origin licence for my (new to me) 2019 MacBook Pro.
I need 2 licences in total, one for each machine.
So…I have 2 questions:

  1. If I buy a licence for Origin, to use on my MacBook Pro, can I get it at the ‘existing customer’ price of £74.99? (or does ‘existing customer’ mean that the existing single licence is updated?
  2. Can I keep my Audirvana 3.5 on my iMac as well, or can I update this to Origin too?
    Thank you.

Hello @vintageaxeman ,

Of course you can, if you don’t see it in your account at My Audirvana Account you have a button to be identified as a customer.

You can keep 3.5 as 3.5 and Audirvāna Origin are two different softwares for us and rely on different ways to connect to it.

Sorry, I’m still not clear.
So please confirm:
If I pay £74.99 as an existing customer to buy Origin, I can install Origin on my NEW computer, but I can still keep 3,5 on my older computer as well?
Thank you.

You can have both on both computers. Studio will disconnect where connected if you open it in one computer.

You can have two 3.5 version installation, but only one playing at the same time.

Studio and 3.5 have their preferences and different database name, so no problem having the 2 versions on same computer

Hello @vintageaxeman,

To give you a clear answer, yes you can.

Brilliant! Thank you!