The search function only returns local albums

When I try to search the only results I get are from my local library, nothing from Tidal.

Same here. May be a Tidal flaw.

I tried a reinstall of both Tidal and Audirvana,no luck. I can access everything else from Tidal, I just can’t search.

Seems to work again here now …

Working here as well. :+1:

Hi guys, thanks for your heads up on this. Let me know if you still experience such issue with Tidal in Audirvāna Studio in the future :wink:

I had a similar thing happening here yesterday with Qobuz.
Turned out I accidentally clicked the search icon to the right of Qobuz and that had greyed it out, preventing search results from Qobuz.
Clicking it again activated it again and everything worked as expected again.

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