The trial period and license

Hi, I was in the trial period and had no idea about the plan to stop selling the license for 3.5. I wish I knew it. Wondering if I can buy the license yet.

Many tnx,

You should be able to buy the perpetual license for 3.5 until tomorrow. Starting with tomorrow it will be subscription only for Audirvana Studio (4.0).

I haven’t been able to access the 3.5 license page since Friday. I was trying to decide what to do and then the purchase page disappered. I have a trial installation.

When I click on Buy link it goes no where also for the purchase license page I get Not Found. Is it possible you can provide the link? Appreciated.

You need to to contact support for that. Write to Ask them if they would allow you to buy the 3.5 license. I guess they stopped the payment processing link early in the anticipation of tomorrow’s launch of Audirvana Studio.

Thaks. I already wrote support about this issue but I am not holding my breath. Then it is back to JRiver for my NAS music and another piece of software for Qobuz since Qobuz player won’t work well alongside my JRiver installation. I have Win 10.

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