There is an error in the Japanese notation

I am Japanese.
I am using Audirvana Studio (trial version) in Japanese.
I found an error in the Japanese notation.
Settings > Appearance > Theme > Light and Dark
Light / ライト → Correct.
Dark / ダック → Incorrect.
The correct notation is [ ダーク ].

The OS I am using is Windows 10 (21H1).
I have just downloaded the trial version.
I had no problem installing it.
I don’t know about the sound quality or operability because my music files are still being analyzed.

I used Google Translate to post this.
I hope it conveys the meaning.

Thank you.


Hello, everyone.

I’m also using it under Japanese environment, but there are mistranslations in some parts. I have attached a picture, please share the information and fix the bugs. I’m in no hurry as it is not a critical failure. I’m using it under English environment because it looks the best.

Regards,スクリーンショット 2021-05-27 201216 8EDEB195-EABC-4A9D-8C8B-33D7128D6BA8