"There is no valid license available to continue execution of Audirvana" - Have Receipt

Had to get my device connections reset by staff, after having to reset my computer, in order to re-put in the license keys for the software. My PC worked fine, but when I checked back on my Mac and I got the “There is no valid license available to continue execution of Audirvana” message, even after putting in the license multiple times to make sure.
I purchased the 2 device upgrade and it worked previously, but not any more.

EDIT License has been reinstated at some point so it is now working on both my PC and my Mac so I am putting this as solved for now.

i have the same problem with my license!!

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Hi, I have the very same problem. Currently I have one Windows installation working and was trying to activate a second installation on my Mac but I got this error


si me arroja mismo mensaje, yo tenia en windows y Macbook pro y. desactive el macbook pro para pasar la licencia a un mac mini y me arrojo ese error, estos tipos de Audirvana mataron el software!!

Same problem here - have valid licence, fresh install of Audirvana 3.5, my licence is not accepted.
signed up for trial of Studio to see if I could download a fresh version - but I am not receiving any registration emails… stuck without any way of using Audirvana …

did you try to click here after the try button on main page?

did not have an account - and signing up for a new account runs into the same problems - not receiving any registration emails (though normal news emails from Audirvana are getting through to me)

you are in the Audirvana family with the 3.5 version bought ? did you enter the same email as 3.5 bought version?

Same email, yes.

If I use ‘forget email’ I can request my code, receive it and type in my code - it works, but on the next screen when it asks me to Change e-mail or Continue, I continue … but … then it tells me “An account could not be found”

I think you don’t need any account to install Audirvana 3.5. I just downloaded the package from the “assistance” page and tried to register it using my license key which was, by the way, purchased on Feb, 28th. I hope somebody will tell us why we are currently unable to use the license which should be still valid.

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By the way, just to add one more information, I tried licensing the second instance of Audirvana both on Win10 and on MacOS with the same negative result.

lo peor de todo es que cero contacto con soporte, he mandado correos y nadie responde, entonces da rabia, yo pague por una licencia de por vida con aurivana SCS 3.5 y parece que no les importa solo la suscripcion a su nuevo formato… mucha rabia porque me gustaba bastante el software y veo que al parece tendre que desecharlo si no hay comunicado oficial y respondan por un producto que no fue gratis y estab bajo toda ley que ellos mismos pusieron!!

resolví el problema de la licencia, me contacte con audirvana por facebook e indicaron que hicieron cambios en su base de datos por ello se perdieron las licencias y lo están solucionando. algo hicieron para que mi clave de licencia volviera a funcionar así que les dejo el tips para que se contacten con audirvana por facebook messenger.

i solved the license problem, i contacted audirvana by facebook and they indicated that they made changes in their database that’s why the licenses were lost and they are fixing it. they did something to get my license key working again so i leave you the tips to contact audirvana by facebook messenger.

Hi, thank you for your suggestion. I don’t have a Facebook account so I can’t use such way, will try to find something else

Hello, today I was able to register my Audirvana 3.5, the existing problem must have been solved. Well done!


Same for me, I was successfully able to register

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