There is no valid license to continue Execution of Audirvana

I am trying to put in my 2017 upgrade license key into Audirvana and I am getting the above message.

Can someone help me?

Hello @bobfa,

That mean you trying to put a 3.2 license in Audirvana 3.5.

You can get the 3.5 upgrade for free by going here :

Be careful since you’ll have to put your order number, not your license number.

That has fixed the problem. The webpage did want the license key.

But some how I have consumed both of my licenses on one machine. I am betting that when I re-imaged the machine I forgot to un-resgister the license. Can you reset them for me please?

Hello @bobfa,

I deleted your mac in our database so you can now use Audirvana on your marchine :slight_smile:

All set!! Many thanks.