Things to improve

1 When the search box is empty the search button should be disabled. currently clicking it with no input produces an exception.
3. The now playing section should have an option to add to a playlist.
4. The playlist information should be retained when source folder goes offline. ( The source got disconnected due to network mapping and when i re-connected the playlist was empty. super annoying)
5. Player should not start in maximized mode.
6. When navigating the menus clicking back should not make the scroll bars start from the top. The position of the list should be remembered.

I have stopped using jriver and prefer now to use Audirvana because i feel the sound is better however the quirks need to be worked out especially things like playlists etc.

Thanks for this feedback.

I’ve now fixed #6 in current build 1027
#4 & #5 are now fixed and will be in build 1028

I’ve not reproduced #1. Could you give me more details on how you can reproduce it with build 1027?


Thats awesome ! thanks for working on them

regarding 1: here are the steps to reproduce

leave the search box empty and click the search icon then you get “unhandled exception”

Which version of Audirvana Plus do you have? The current build is 1027, and there is no button for the search icon.

ça ne semble pas être fonctionnel … :wink:

Vous avez bien la build 1027? Enfin, maintenant la 1028. Et la mémorisation de la position est uniquement pour la bibliothèque locale, pas les services de streaming

I’ve now released build 1028 where you’ll find the mentioned fixes for the playlists remaining even when files are offline.

i have 1027

And what about with 1028?

Ah OK. Merci.

nope, search button issue still remains in 1028 and also as someone else indicated file syncing is painfully slow in in the new version.

Ok. I’ve found it: it was not simply clicking, but click and drag.
It’s now fixed. Fix will be in build 1029