Tidal Abo Hifi Plus but shows only Hifi

I have got Audirvana Studio and Tidal Hifi Plus. But in Audirvana ist only show and play the “normal” Hifi Abo.

What can i do ?

Thanks in advance for help

It shows here as Hifi as well, even though I have Hifi Plus.
MQA files play successfully though, so it should be ok. MQA isn’t available to Hifi as far as I’m aware of.

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My iFi Zen DAC V2 happily plays MQA as it shows in the bottom right.

Hi @Borussia1 and @sandsOfArrakis,

The Tidal MQA API is sending us this information. The Marketing may have changed but the API is giving us the same info as it was before they changed the branding if the offers. It can create confusion but if you have the Master option in the limit streaming quality settings, then you are good to go and get MQA :wink:

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