Tidal and Qobuz trials


I have downloaded Audirvana and started the trial period. I want to try it with Tidal and Qobuz trials (and keeping one of them after the trial).

In Audirvana streaming settings the “Get Voucher” button is greyed out and cannot be pressed (I am in the UK)

Is this correct? Are the streaming trials only available after Audirvana has been purchased? If so that kind of defeats the object.

Hello @srb,

The trial extension is only available after the purchase of Audirvana (note that this extension is for a new account and it’s not avaiable in UK for Qobuz) but you can try either Qobuz or Tidal for a month with your trial. Have you connected your Qobuz and Tidal account in Audirvana?

I have connected to my Qobuz account (and it works fine). I want to trial Tidal though before deciding Qobuz or Tidal.

I have only been using Audirvana for a day but like it so far. I am happy to purchase now as long as I then get the three month Tidal trial?

After using your license key in Audirvana, you will need to disconnect the Tidal trial account you created and you will see the voucher button in Audirvana.

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