Tidal Bit Perfect VS Audirvana bit perfect - EQing - SW updates

Hi I use Tidal in Bit Perfect mode on my Window 10 PC with an SMSL M500 DAC. I also use Deezer HiFi and Spotify occasionally. I have the following questions before I buy the SW:

  1. Is there a benefit of Audirvana over Tidal app’s own bit perfect mode? Also, is there a benefit over the Windows processing for say my Deezer HiFi or Spotify?

  2. How do I put a parametric EQ in Audirvana? Any suggestions for free, fully featured parametric EQs?

  3. If I buy the lifetime license for 3.5 will be able to get lifetime updates or upgrades as well?


Audirvana sounds much better than Tidal App, my DAC is SMSL M500 too, you can do a simple AB test.

Thanks. Do you get lifetime updates with Audirvana 3.5 purchase? Any good EQ recommendations for Audirvana? Thanks

You can update to any 3.x version for free, and have a discount price for verion 4.x. I don’t use any EQ, but I think you can search for “VST” in the forum.

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