Tidal (Bit Rates) Clarification

Hi, I just want to clarify the MQA Bit Rates for Tidal.

When I pay a Tidal MQA song the bit rate on the bottom left corner is 16/44.1kHz Stereo FLAC MQA green light. The bit rate going pertaining to the DAC (Yamaha R-N602) is 16/88kHz Stereo Int SysOpt in green.

Firstly, what does this mean?

Secondly, I thought MQA Files were a high bit rate than CD’s?

Thanks Mark

Hello @organm,

Can you give us the track you try to play from Tidal?

Eagles, Hotel California MQA version. See attached JPEG.

There is multiple version of this Album in MQA, You will find one in 16/44 and another one in 24/192, can you go on Eagles page and try the other version?

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