Tidal connection stalling after midnight

Dear folks,
my Tidal (master) authentification within Audirvana worked half baked for some months earlier this year, but finally has reached a state of consistent behaviour for several weeks now, so I guess it´s time to report: Besides the need to refresh Tidal authentification after some automatic Audirvana updates occasionally (where I would like to be asked for permission in advance, by the way) one thing that regularly intrigues me is this: When streaming while it gets past midnight, Audirvana stops playing Tidal playlists somewhere between midnight and 1 o´clock. There´s no message whatsoever but Tidal functions simply stop responding until I enter the options menu and hit “connect Tidal”, then the login screen pops up and I have to confirm but without needing to re-enter my password. Then everything works fine again. That is, until the next time streaming while the clock hits midnight. PS: Win10 up-to-date, Audirvana 3.5.38
Please advise, thanks in advance!

Update: lately the past-midnight re-connection got even more quirky as I had to restart A+ for a subsequent manual reconnect.
And last evening I had to do a new-to-me and very tiring procedure:
I had to re-enter all my login data and then was asked to do the annoying “I´m no robot” google picture choice test. As the task was mistakable, the algorithm obviously didn´t agree with my choice and asked me to do another one. And then another one. And then, you guess it? No, not one, but two more tests before I was allowed to use my Tidal account within A+. That´s why I record my Tidal playlists to analog magnetic tape in case one day algorithms should finally decide that I´m a bot.

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