Tidal DSD over PCM 1.1 or PCM?

So as far as I know Tidal does not support DSD output but only MQA. So my question is as longs as I don’t have any other source that does output dsd will using this option in anyway matter or is it best to set it to “None: convert to PCM”? Is it just me or does it make a difference in sound if set to DoP 1.1?

This are my current settings:

These settings are only for DSD. Since Tidal streams only in PCM it will never be used, unless you set Audirvana to upsample to DSD.

@bitracer Thanks. So my mind is playing tricks on me again. :slight_smile:

Edit: So I just listened to the same track over and over again switching back and forth between pcm and dsd over pcm streaming from my mac mini via usb to my cambridge cxa81 and there is a noticable difference in sound to me. Straight pcm has much more power on the bottom end. Upsampling disabled. Might be interesting for someone.

Release 3.5.29

Japanese translation
**Fix DSD to PCM gain**
Fixes in UPnP playback

Guess that was the issue here

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