Tidal favourites do not update

Hi there, I wonder whether someone is experiencing the same issue (or it is a known issue): I am streaming TIDAL through Audirvāna studio but it seems that despite changes in my favourites on TIDAL the list remains unchanged on Audirvāna. Is there any way to force a refresh of the list via the remote app? Thanks in advance.

I noticed this as well. The only work around I have found to get them recognized is to close the main app and reopened, then they will appear on the remote as well, not the best solution.

Thanks for your reply and the suggestion. I will try. I hope Damien and the team will note the issue too!

Hello @gval and @Harvison , are you using the Tidal app while you try to add those favorites?

Hello Antoine, yes I update the favourite list on the TIDAL app on my iOS devices (not on Audirvana).

We do not do an automatic refresh of Tidal favorites in Studio when you add/remove favorites in the Tidal app, we only do it when you restart Studio.

I see. I, for example, do not restart Studio frequently as it operates from a dedicated Mac mini. The only way to operationalise this would be to set an automatic switch off/on of the computer every day. It is not the end of the world but an automatic refresh process (perhaps at given times, like every week) within Studio would be useful. Thanks.