Tidal "For You" "Mixes For You" Inaccessible from Audirvana?

i use ‘for you’ ‘mixes for you’ to discover new music but i don’t see these in Audirvana - am i missing something?

i really like the audirvana interface but if i can’t get ‘for you’ and other items then it’s kind of a deal breaker for me.

Hello @fhfuentes,

Do you mean you do not see the Mixes for you in the Explorer tab of Tidal?

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hi Antoine thanks for the response.

I can see “My Mix” 1-8 that is fine

There are a lot more recommendations for me in the Tidal app. Audirvana, by comparison, is relatively empty.

Is it possible to get a 1-1 mirror of Tidal in Audirvana?

Some items I can find in Tidal that I cannot find in Audirvana include:

  • My Daily Discovery
  • My New Arrivals

is it possible to see these in Audirvana?

Those items were not available the last time we tried to put it in Audirvana but it may now be available in the API we have from Tidal. Note that we have limited access to Tidal features with their API, you will not be able to get a 1-1 mirror of Tidal in Audirvana.

Good morning, what you can’t find is the radio of the song … That seems very important to me !!