Tidal free trial not working

I tried getting the 90-day trial by clicking the “Get Voucher” in preference and created a new account. However, after I put in the credit card info, it said I can’t get the free trial. I have never used the free trial before. What is the problem?

Did you had a previous tidal account with same mail account as you used for the creation of this account? Does the credit card information are the same as on a previous Tidal account?

i used a new email but may be the credit card is the same

They maybe changed their process and may also check the credit card.

i used a new email, a new card that belong to my wife, but still got the same error. Please help

I contacted Tidal regarding this. I will come back to you as soon as i will have more info form them.

thanks, looking forward to that

Hello @Antoine!
Does anyone found any solution to this?
I have exactly the same problem as @Raymond_Kok
Just bought the full Audirvana licence and followed every requested step, with new email, new credit card and nothing seems to work, just got the message stating that I can not benefit from the 3 month Tidal offer.
That’s really annoying as with the normal free 1 month trial it all works perfectly.
Many Thanks!

Hello @jdias,

I saw your mail regarding this issue and I will send your voucher to Tidal to see what is going on, I didn’t had a respond from them since the last time i mailed them.