[Tidal] Incorrect Bit Depth/Sampling, no DR/Dynamic Range information


I’m running Audirvana 3.5.4 on Windows 10, and I’m logged in with my Tidal subscription.

When I stream albums from Tidal and click the button on the bottom right corner of the screen which brings me to the list of preloaded tracks, Audirvana shows the bit depth and sampling rate of all tracks as zero:

Additionally, no DR or Dynamic Range information are available.

Is it possible to fix this?

Bit depth/Sampling rate aren’t a big deal as I can see them anyway on the bottom left corner of the screen (which is limited to track being played, but it’s reasonable to assume the entire album will be in the same format), but it does look a bit strange :slight_smile:

DR/Dynamic Range would be very nice to have, if it is possible to retrieve the information from Tidal or analyze the tracks in some way.

I couldn’t found this album in Tidal, what did you search to find it?

Hi @Antoine,

The album artist is Slash, and this is his eponymous album from 2010. If you search for Slash and select the artist, this will be the album with the crimson cover sporting the skull in a top hat. There are two versions of it, and the one in my screenshot is the Special Edition.

However, I can reproduce this issue with any album on Tidal.

Kind regards,

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