Tidal login error

Tidal stopped working a few days ago. Logged out then back in, Error logging in to Tidal is displayed. Uninstalled then reinstalled the app, still the same issue?


I got the same problem yesterday while Qobuz has been working well. If I use PC with Tidal’s app to play back, it works well.

Error message on my Macmini is as below:
Login failed to TIDAL
Network error contacting TIDAL server:
code 0: The operation couldn’t be completed. (Login error 1)

How should I do to fix the problem? or just wait for Audirvana to fix the problem?

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Hello @david880 and @Klodian, can you try to reconnect your account in Audirvana? If it’s not working, can you try to connect to your account on Tidal?

I have tried many times to reconnect my account in Audirvana. But got the same errors as yesterday.

I can connect to my account on Tidal without any problem.


I already have this error message. After updating Audirvan 3.5.37, I had to log in again. Everything was ok until the update.


Audirvana PC stopped logging into Tidal. Tidal login OK. Changed Tidal password, still “error logging into Tidal”. Facebook password failed. Audirvana MAC works.

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I’m having the same problem. Has anyone found a solution yet? . . .

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je dois me reconnecter à Tidal à chaque ouverture d’ Audirvana, “une erreur est survenue” s’affiche à l’écran . La reconnection à
Tidal se fait normalement mais c’est pénible car actuellement c’est à chaque ouverture d’Audirvana. D’ou vient le problème ? Est ce propre à Tidal ? Cordialement.

I’ve just about had it with Audirvana and Tidal. Over the past several years Audirvana is a comedy of errors and hassles the most recent of which is that I have lost my Tidal connection and cannot log back in. It’s time to rid myself of it all and switch to Amazon HD Music. At least it will work and the cost is less prohibitive.

Getting the same error sometimes. I have to reconnect when this happens. Not sure if there any fix at the time…

Same here. A+ 1.3.9 - Win 10. ???


My problem is the same. Tidal login works on laptop but not on pc. Tried UAC change, close antivirus nothing happened. Tidal app works fine.
Hey, Audirvana developers!
Do you know about our problem?

I had a contact to audirvana official mail support, and heard that, they thankfully took some contact tidal company.
And, Tidal had rewite the system codes, and solved the problems or error issue of Tidal login with audirvana3.5.

So, maybe, now you can login to tidal with audirvana.Please try it!

I appriciate much for audirvana support services. They rapidly had resolved the issue!