Tidal Masters are not unfolding

Hello. I am using a Chord Qute EX DAC and Audirvana version 3.2.19 (because later versions can only be used with later versions of OS X, which seem to break my DAC, which is not being supported with firmware upgrades, but that’s another story…). I don’t think that DAC is an MQA DAC, but until recently Audirvana seemed to have been doing the first unfold of Tidal Masters OK, as I was getting a higher bitrate. But now I only get a 16/44.1 bitrate with Tidal Masters. I had not changed any settings before noticing the problem. Since noticing the problem I unchecked “auto detect MQA device” in preferences and selected “Not MQA device” but that has not made any difference. Please help?

Consider upgrading to 3.5 version. It’s free if you have a 3.2 license.

Thanks, bitracer, but I can’t because my DAC is not compatible with the later versions of OS X that are needed for 3.5. 3.2 was working fine, and I haven’t changed anything, so I don’t know why it is now not working properly.

Have you considered getting a SPDIF bridge? It would make sense in your case.

Something like Allo DigiOne player:

Thanks for the suggestion. I did not know there was such a thing as a a SPDIF bridge and I’m still not exactly sure after Googling it what it does. Would it mean I don’t need a driver for the DAC to be installed on the computer?

Exactly. You connect the DAC via SPDIF BNC connector.

Thanks very much. I’ll look into it.