Tidal metadata / credits in Windows 10 version

Hi everybody,

One of the reasons I like Tidal is that there’s a lot of useful credits data accessible on quite a number of albums (I think they dealt an access to allmusic’s database, as the credits are similar).

Is there any plans to let those through in Audirvana ?


Hello @Maikol, you have access to the credit of an album by clicking on the i icon here:

Hello @Antoine, I’m sorry but I don’t see this i icon anywhere in Audirvana, whatever album I’m on it never appears.

It shows properly on my side, not for you ?

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Nope, looking at the same album, here’s what I see :

Would it mean that it is available only in the MacOs version ?

Hello @Maikol, Tidal credits are actually only available in MacOS version of Audirvana but we will bring this feature in a future update of the Windows 10 version.

Ah that’s what I ended up thinking after exchanging with @Yohmi (thanks by the way :slightly_smiling_face:). Hope they will be available soon in the windows version !


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Happy to say that credits are now available in the latest (3.5.12) version of Audirvana ! And it works ! :slight_smile:

I have the Latest Mac/Apple version and do not have Qobuz Credits.

I have latest version of MacOS Audirvana (3.5.44) and recently subscribed to trial of Tidal. I don’t get much in the way of credits. One big annoyance is that the composer of albums with multiple composers is not credited. The only categories I have in tracklist are Title, Artist, Duration & MQA. I like the feature on Tidal’s website that when you click on info icon it gives you information about artists, composers et al. But only the most desultory information when I click info icon on Audirvana. Tidal’s composer search (at least in Audirvana) is very limited and seems to depend on whether Composer’s name is included in album title.

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