Tidal MQA 192kHz played back at 96kHz

Hi everyone.

When playing Tidal MQA192kHz by DLNA, MSB premier DAC-Renderer(MQA capable) does not

recognize MQA and plays with 96kHz.

When playing a 192kHz flac file, it is played 192kHz.

I used iMac pro.

How do I set it up…?

Thanks and kind regards,

Hello @sergio,

Audirvana 3.5 integrates the MQA Core Decoder that performs the first unfolding (up to 88.2 or 96kHz) to benefit from the high resolution of the MQA audio files even without an MQA audio device. By MQA decision, the second unfolding (to 176.4 or 192kHz) can be performed only in a MQA renderer/decoder DAC.

Non MQA capable audio devices can benefit from the high resolution (doubled sample rate compared to the encoded file one) thanks to the MQA decoder integrated in Audirvana 3.
In this case, Audirvana brings, in addition to the general Sound Quality improvement, the decoding of the MQA file that would be played only at little above CD quality otherwise, losing all its high resolution benefits. Note that decoding the signal beyond twice the sampling rate of the encoded file (for the few rare recordings actually made above 96kHz) can only be done in a DAC MQA.

You then need to leave “Not MQA decoder” for your DAC in the Audio Settings, so that Audirvana performs the MQA decoding.

If you have a DAC that is “MQA decoder” then, you can select MQA decoder. That means that no audio processing done in Audirvana, as the DAC is doing all of the MQA decoding.
If you have a DAC that is “MQA renderer” then, you can select MQA renderer. That means MQA first unfolding done in Audirvana, and no other audio processing as the DAC is doing the other unfolding

The Blue color means that the file is “Studio authenticated”.
The Green color is for other MQA audio file.

Thank You

For MSB premier DAC, MQA decoding is supported.
When using audirvana(set MAQ Decoder), the DAC does not recognize the MQA.
When I connect with Roon(test version), Mconnect, etc. that I use, all of them recognize MQA.
Is it not possible to apply because it is a trial version…?
Is the full version possible…?
I want to use audirvana instead of Roon.

Thank You.

Can you send me a copy of the “Debug Info”? You can get it in Audirvana Settings>General>Debug Info

Note: By clicking on the Debug Info button, Audirvana automatically copies all its content, all you have to do is paste it in response to this message

Audirvana Mac Version 3.5.43 (3573)
macOS 11.1.0 with 16384MB RAM

Trial version using demo license


Polarity Inversion:
	Globally: OFF
	Per track: OFF
Effects plugins NOT ACTIVE

SoX not in use
SoX filter parameters
Bandwidth at 0dB = 99.5
Filter max length = 30000
Anti-aliasing = 100
Phase = 66

Max allowed volume: 100
Replay Gain: None
SW volume control: OFF

Sync list: 7 folders
AUTO: /Volumes/Music1/Bugs
AUTO: /Volumes/Music1/Euro-모음
AUTO: /Volumes/Music1/Hi-Res-Aurrender-A
AUTO: /Volumes/Music1/OST
AUTO: /Volumes/Music1/POP-A-Z
AUTO: /Volumes/Music1/가요
AUTO: /Volumes/Music1/가요2
iTunes/Music library synchronization: last synchronized on Sun Dec 27 22:25:19 2020

Library database path: /Users/baejaehyun/Library/Application Support/Audirvana/AudirvanaPlusDatabaseV2.sqlite

TIDAL: Connected as HIFI

=================== AUDIO DEVICE ========================

Preferred device: MSB Technology Premier DAC (Renderer-MK2) Model UID:MSB Technology MSB Technology Premier DAC (Renderer-MK2) UID:uuid:443cee18-75de-1068-15c0-801f1257b6e8

Currently playing to UPnP device at 24 bits 48kHz
Selected device:
UPnP device at
ID 0x0 MSB Technology Premier DAC (Renderer-MK2) Manufacturer:MSB Technology
Model UID:MSB Technology MSB Technology Premier DAC (Renderer-MK2) UID:uuid:443cee18-75de-1068-15c0-801f1257b6e8

6 available sample rates up to 192000Hz
Volume control: No
MQA capability
Auto-detect MQA devices: Yes
Not a MQA device, user set to MQA Decoder
DSD capability: Raw DSD (MSB)
Device audio channels
Preferred stereo channels L:0 R:1
Channel bitmap: Ox3, layout:
Channel 0 mapped to 0
Channel 1 mapped to 1
UPnP/DLNA supported protocols:
DLNA 1.5: No
Gapless playback: Yes
Missing events workaround: Yes
Can play native DSD: Yes
Number of channels: 2
Use as stereo device only: No

1 output streams:
Number of active channels: 2, in 1 stream(s)
Channel #0 :Stream 0 channel 0
Channel #1 :Stream 0 channel 1

Stream ID 0x0 0 channels starting at 0
14 virtual formats:
2 ch Non-mixable linear PCM Interleaved 16 little endian Signed Integer 44.1kHz
2 ch Non-mixable linear PCM Interleaved 24 little endian Signed Integer 44.1kHz
2 ch Non-mixable linear PCM Interleaved 16 little endian Signed Integer 88.2kHz
2 ch Non-mixable linear PCM Interleaved 24 little endian Signed Integer 88.2kHz
2 ch Non-mixable linear PCM Interleaved 16 little endian Signed Integer 176.4kHz
2 ch Non-mixable linear PCM Interleaved 24 little endian Signed Integer 176.4kHz
2 ch Non-mixable linear PCM Interleaved 16 little endian Signed Integer 48kHz
2 ch Non-mixable linear PCM Interleaved 24 little endian Signed Integer 48kHz
2 ch Non-mixable linear PCM Interleaved 16 little endian Signed Integer 96kHz
2 ch Non-mixable linear PCM Interleaved 24 little endian Signed Integer 96kHz
2 ch Non-mixable linear PCM Interleaved 16 little endian Signed Integer 192kHz
2 ch Non-mixable linear PCM Interleaved 24 little endian Signed Integer 192kHz
2 ch Non-mixable linear PCM Interleaved 8 little endian Signed Integer 2822.4kHz
2 ch Non-mixable linear PCM Interleaved 8 little endian Signed Integer 5644.8kHz

0 physical formats

Current device transportInfo:
CurrentTransportState: PLAYING
CurrentTransportStatus: OK
CurrentSpeed: 1
Current device MediaInfo:
NrTracks: 1
MediaDuration: 0:04:55

dc:titleI Can’t Tell You Why (2013 Remaster)</dc:title>
upnp:albumThe Long Run</upnp:album>

nextURIMetadata: <DIDL-Lite xmlns:dc="http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/" xmlns:upnp="urn:schemas-upnp-org:metadata-1-0/upnp/" xmlns="urn:schemas-upnp-org:metadata-1-0/DIDL-Lite/" xmlns:dlna="urn:schemas-dlna-org:metadata-1-0/">
One of These Nights (2013 Remaster) Eagles Eagles http://resources.tidal.com/images/3731ccbd/5e8d/4f13/9bad/d64c4e2af2fd/640x640.jpg One of These Nights (2013 Remaster) 1 object.item.audioItem.musicTrack
PlayMedium: HDD

Current device AVT service description:

<?xml version="1.0"?> 1 0 TransportState no string STOPPED PLAYING TransportStatus no string OK ERROR_OCCURRED PlaybackStorageMedium no string PossiblePlaybackStorageMedia no string RecordStorageMedium no string PossibleRecordStorageMedia no string CurrentPlayMode no string NORMAL SHUFFLE REPEAT_ONE REPEAT_ALL RANDOM DIRECT_1 NORMAL TransportPlaySpeed no string 1 no RecordMediumWriteStatus string CurrentRecordQualityMode no string PossibleRecordQualityModes no string NumberOfTracks no ui4 0 2000 1 CurrentTrack no ui4 0 2000 1 CurrentTrackDuration no string CurrentMediaDuration no string CurrentTrackMetaData no string CurrentTrackURI no string AVTransportURI no string AVTransportURIMetaData no string NextAVTransportURI no string NextAVTransportURIMetaData no string RelativeTimePosition no string AbsoluteTimePosition no string RelativeCounterPosition no i4 AbsoluteCounterPosition no i4 CurrentTransportActions no string LastChange yes string A_ARG_TYPE_SeekMode no string ABS_TIME REL_TIME A_ARG_TYPE_SeekTarget no string A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID no ui4 SetAVTransportURI InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID CurrentURI in AVTransportURI CurrentURIMetaData in AVTransportURIMetaData SetNextAVTransportURI InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID NextURI in NextAVTransportURI NextURIMetaData in NextAVTransportURIMetaData GetMediaInfo InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID NrTracks out NumberOfTracks MediaDuration out CurrentMediaDuration CurrentURI out AVTransportURI CurrentURIMetaData out AVTransportURIMetaData NextURI out NextAVTransportURI NextURIMetaData out NextAVTransportURIMetaData PlayMedium out PlaybackStorageMedium RecordMedium out RecordStorageMedium WriteStatus out RecordMediumWriteStatus GetTransportInfo InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID CurrentTransportState out TransportState CurrentTransportStatus out TransportStatus CurrentSpeed out TransportPlaySpeed GetPositionInfo InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID Track out CurrentTrack TrackDuration out CurrentTrackDuration TrackMetaData out CurrentTrackMetaData TrackURI out CurrentTrackURI RelTime out RelativeTimePosition AbsTime out AbsoluteTimePosition RelCount out RelativeCounterPosition AbsCount out AbsoluteCounterPosition GetDeviceCapabilities InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID PlayMedia out PossiblePlaybackStorageMedia RecMedia out PossibleRecordStorageMedia RecQualityModes out PossibleRecordQualityModes GetTransportSettings InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID PlayMode out CurrentPlayMode RecQualityMode out CurrentRecordQualityMode Stop InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID Play InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID Speed in TransportPlaySpeed Pause InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID Seek InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID Unit in A_ARG_TYPE_SeekMode Target in A_ARG_TYPE_SeekTarget Next InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID Previous InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID SetPlayMode InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID NewPlayMode in CurrentPlayMode GetCurrentTransportActions InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID Actions out CurrentTransportActions

Current device RootDevice description:

<?xml version="1.0"?> 1 0 urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:MediaRenderer:1 MSB Technology Premier DAC (Renderer-MK2) MSB Technology http://www.msbtechnology.com Renderer-MK2 Renderer-MK2 2 http://www.msbtechnology.com 0 uuid:443cee18-75de-1068-15c0-801f1257b6e8 urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:RenderingControl:1 urn:upnp-org:serviceId:RenderingControl /upmpd/RenderingControl.xml /ctl/RenderingControl /evt/RenderingControl urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:AVTransport:1 urn:upnp-org:serviceId:AVTransport /upmpd/AVTransport.xml /ctl/AVTransport /evt/AVTransport urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:ConnectionManager:1 urn:upnp-org:serviceId:ConnectionManager /upmpd/ConnectionManager.xml /ctl/ConnectionManager /evt/ConnectionManager urn:av-openhome-org:service:Product:1 urn:av-openhome-org:serviceId:Product /upmpd/OHProduct.xml /ctl/OHProduct /evt/OHProduct urn:av-openhome-org:service:Info:1 urn:av-openhome-org:serviceId:Info /upmpd/OHInfo.xml /ctl/OHInfo /evt/OHInfo urn:av-openhome-org:service:Time:1 urn:av-openhome-org:serviceId:Time /upmpd/OHTime.xml /ctl/OHTime /evt/OHTime urn:av-openhome-org:service:Volume:1 urn:av-openhome-org:serviceId:Volume /upmpd/OHVolume.xml /ctl/OHVolume /evt/OHVolume urn:av-openhome-org:service:Playlist:1 urn:av-openhome-org:serviceId:Playlist /upmpd/OHPlaylist.xml /ctl/OHPlaylist /evt/OHPlaylist urn:av-openhome-org:service:Radio:1 urn:av-openhome-org:serviceId:Radio /upmpd/OHRadio.xml /ctl/OHRadio /evt/OHRadio /upmpd/presentation.html

UPnP devices found : 3
Device #0: ID 0x0 MSB Technology Premier DAC (Renderer-MK2) UID: uuid:443cee18-75de-1068-15c0-801f1257b6e8 Location:
Device #1: ID 0x0 [LG] webOS TV UID: uuid:827fbec6-1c2c-abbb-a074-403b517fb8d3 Location:
Device #2: ID 0x0 5KPlayer Render(DESKTOP-U6LFTRI) UID: uuid:ee8da71e-122d-4e3b-997d-85d98db30e81 Location:

CoreAudio audio path, buffer I/O frame size: 0

Max. memory for audio buffers: 13166MB

Local Audio Engine:
Exclusive access: Enabled
Integer mode: Enabled

Local devices found : 1
Device #0: ID 0x30 Built-in Output Manufacturer: Apple Inc. Model UID: AppleHDA:130 UID: AppleHDAEngineOutput:1F,3,0,1,2:0

Have you tried MQA Renderer instead of Decoder?

Yes, set to Decoder, played 96kHz.

You have two option, Decoder or Renderer, i understood you tried with Decoder but have you tried with Renderer?

Yes, I have also tried using renderer.
But 192kHz MQA is played 96kHz.

Does your MSB physically see the track as 192 MQA track?

what is it means “physically see the track”?

On the MSB display, do you see it as 192?

No, display 96. :orange_heart:

Are you able to try with a connection using a cable like USB instead of UPnP?

I try USB cable right now, MSB recognized MQA.

Why is it not recognized in upnp…?

In UPnP the mqa detection is not declared by the DAC, this is why you need to put it manually in Audirvana. Your DAC grabs the mqa content properly as you can see here:


The problem is the MSB seems to not decode it properly in UPnP. Can you talk about it with MSB? They may need to do update of the MQA detection they use.

I mentioned earlier, Roon and mconnect are recognized well.

Is this MSB problem?

Audirvana is a only media renderer, mconnect and Roon are both a server and upnp renderer, this is why it can work with them and not with Audirvana.

I’m having the exact same issue with my ps audio DS sr dac. With Roon, the dac and Roon indicate MQA 24/192 file but when I use audirvana, the same tracks show MQA 24/96. Frustrating

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