Tidal MQA and SMSL Dacs

Hi All,
Total newbie to this, so apols for stupid questions. Set up is top tier Tidal, ADV on a little mini PC, going into an SMSL Do200 DAC that supports stupidly high res on all inputs.
I’ve installed the SMSL ASIO driver.

Few things. It initially spots the DAV as 32/768 capable, nut even playing MQA files I dont get the MQA icon (I do if using MAC). I’ve got the output device set to using ASIO. Is that expected? Second, on the device settings, where it says “DAC not detected as MQA, use as…” is that telling me it HAS detected the DAC is not MQA or asking me what to do if that happens?

Other than than, bit buggy. Have to restart every now and then as the dac dissapears.

Any tips appreciated


Hello @steven_wynn_uk,

Since you are using ASIO driver, you need to manually set your device as MQA decoder or renderer. Do you know which one is your device? If you don’t know this, you can ask your device manufacturer.

Set it manually to MQA decoder and disable MQA detection. Make sure that software volume control is disabled, as well as upsampling (or other processing).

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