Tidal MQA tunes appear as FLAC

Bit of confusion at my side: Why do some MQA-tagged Tidal tunes pop-up as FLAC in Audirvāna while others seem to be »real« MQA?

FLAC is the container. Look for what Audirvana and the DAC report.

Thanks for your reply.

Let me post two screenshots. Both relate to tunes that carry the MQA logo. Please notice the differences in the bottom portions of the pictures.

Check with Tidal app and compare. Maybe is from Tidal side. I don’t use Tidal anymore for almost 2 years, only Qobuz, I heard they will stop using MQA, only pure flac. I’m not sure about this.

Hi, it doesn’t look like a Tidal problem, as I just check if there were several versions of this album (this edition, the remastered one), and there is only one.
But in USB Audio Player Pro, it is clearly shown as 16bit MQA and is decoded

Which album? I was referring to two albums.

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