Tidal "My Mix" Support

Hi there,

I am just trying out Audirvana for the first time and have managed to successfully set up my library and connect to Tidal. However I cannot seem to find the “My Mix” playlists anywhere. This is something I use quite extensively as it is the main “curated” section for individuals.


Hello @enragedlemon, this feature of Tidal is not yet available in Audirvana. We will need to make an update of this integration to implement it.

@Damien3 thanks so much for the reply. For me at least this would be the tipping point to buying Audirvana over Roon as they don’t seem to have it either. I’d imagine you are already quite busy but is this on your roadmap?

It is but we have a lot of work to do around Audirvana in general.

I had this same question, but there is a work around that I use for now. Using the Tidal application and signing in you can go to your “my mix” section and actually make the mix that you like a playlist. Just go up to the top right hand corner and touch the three dots to bring down a drop down menu where you can make it a playlist.