Tidal/My Music – how to save?

Hi there!

I’ve added quite a few songs under Tidal/My Music lately. Is there a way to save that selection as a playlist or something?

Thank you once again!

Hi @Audi100,

You can do it like this:

Jul-13-2023 09-46-19

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Thank you!

How to do that with a selection of albums? (Sorry, I wasn’t quite precise with my opening question.)

You can’t select multiple albums at the same time in our app but you can drag and drop an album like I’ve done for the tracks :wink:

It’s more than 150 albums in my case. I’ll give it a try :wink:

OK, I had some opportunity to try to follow the steps of your video. I failed doing even that … :frowning_face:

What is the name of the left window, and what is the name of the right one?

Left looks like playlists and right is an album.

You select tracks in the right and drag them in a playlist or a new one you have made

Does not work for me. I don’t even understand how to create new playlists carrying those little icons in front of the listing, as seen in the video :frowning:


Do I have to mention that mine is a Windows set-up? :thinking:

Hi @Audi100,


The one you see with the Wi-Fi logo are the one done by the streaming service itself, the others with the little note are the one you can create for the streaming service.

OK … Seems that I tried to drag&drop to the wrong place all the time …

Such a pity there’s no noteworthy manual for Audirvāna :frowning_face:

Is should works on both then. It’s related to Windows as on MacOS the issue is not here :sweat_smile:

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