Tidal new/recommended/top20 not working


I’m currently trialling Audirvana, using it with Tidal and streaming to Chord Poly/Mojo.

(Audirvana server on macbook pro, using the ipad and iphone app to control replay of music, streamed to Chord Poly & Mojo).

From the ipad/iphone app, When choosing ‘New’, then ‘Tracks’, the list does not change/refresh when selecting either ‘New/Recommended/Top20’ from the top-right menu. The same list of songs is displayed regardless of which menu option is selected.
(when viewing Albums it does change, but not when viewing Tracks)

Is this a bug?

Also, I can’t see the “Tidal Top 100” playlist from any of the menu items - I can only find it through the search facility.

Has anyone had success with displaying correctly the New Tracks, and have the Top100 visible as per the similar categories in the native Tidal App (and Roon)?


Hello @m222894, to be sure about your issue, it’s only related to the iOS app of the Remote?

Hi @Antoine,

Yes, that’s correct; it seems to be purely the ios app, not the macos app.

Thank you.


Okay, thank you fro your report, we could reproduce it on our side and will fix it in a future update of the iOS app.

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that’s great, thank you @Antoine - much appreciated.

any idea when this might be released?

Also, I’m still on my month trial and will be purchasing a license soon; I’m a little concerned how long this perpetual license will typically last before the next major release will force a re-purchase / upgrade… I understand you might not be able to give specifics of future product updates, but are you able to confirm roughly how long the license would be valid / current, before I would need to purchase an upgrade?

thanks once again
best wishes

We never force you to update to major update, you are always free to use the older version as you purchased it. I can’t tell you when a new version will be released but in the past we tend to do a major updates every two years.

When we release new major update we also take care of our customers and give you a preferred price if you want to purchase it.

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thank you @Antoine - much appreciated.

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