Tidal playback glitches

I have had issues with Tidal stopping 2 seconds before the end of a song and skipping to the next song in the middle of the song. I solved the problem myself and I would like to share the solution with others. I invite any advice on a better way.
The issue started after updates to the almost the whole signal path both hardware and software. The problem became more pronounced after updating the AMD audio coprocessor driver. The updates included gigabit internet service, wifi 6e hardware both router and client, windows 10 update, Audirvana update, Waves plugin server update, GPU updates and the coprocessor driver.
I have a laptop with a 16 core 4800H AMD processor with integrated graphics and an additional Nvidia GPU installed. I effectively remaster all my music on the fly and that made the CPU work.
The audio coprocessor driver update suddenly greatly reduced to processor load. It appears the software was getting way ahead of the Tidal server causing strange behavior from the server.
I hobbled the computer. I reduced my Topping D50s buffer by half to 1024 samples. I reduced the Audirvana buffer to minimum 256 Mb. I set my process lasso software to disable hyperthreading thus cutting core count in half. Now the processor runs about a 50% duty cycle in about 5 second intervals with a 10% average processor load. The Tidal server seems to be happy now. This is while running two linear phase compressors (for expansion and hearing correction) and an environmental headphone plugin (Abbey Road Studio 3) and resampling from 96Khz 24 bit to DSD 512.
It works now anyway.

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