TIDAL playback skipping in AS; never happened in A3.5

Hi @Antoine and community,

I’ve seen other complaining about this but here goes my two cents.

Playback in AS 1.5.6 skips to the next track, apparently randomly. Mostly happens with non-MQA tracks. At first I thought I had excessively taxing upsampling configs (r8brain to DSD512 filter type C). However my CPU load doesn’t quite reach 100%, and I have a 4.0 GHz processor with 24 GB of RAM solely dedicated to playback.

In addition, playback did also skip during MQA tracks, which don’t undergo the same upsampling, although that’s more rare.

If AS support or any other colleague has a solution, or if a solution is in progress, I’ll appreciate any support.

Regards, Ed